How does it work?


Unless you directly list items on international markets, your listings are only reaching a fraction of their international potential. Foreign buyers only see your products if they search in your language with your keywords. We solve this problem by creating active localized listings in foreign marketplaces. Now, more foreign buyers will find your products.

Automatic stock synchronisation

International stock levels are automatically synchronised to your original items, in real time. Simply set the stock levels in your main shop. Our foreign listings create more international sales and WebInterpret synchs these sales to the inventory in your home account.

Automatic stock synchronization

Consolidated sales view

See your impact in foreign markets with detailed, customisable charts. Receive weekly sales reports across all international eBay and Amazon sites. Get an overview of WebInterpret foreign listings as percentage of your total revenue.

Consolidated sales view

Consolidated feedback view?

Respond to feedback from international clients in a single convenient location, in their native language. Manage regular or important reputation messages using dedicated tools. Organize how you want to communicate with buyers across multiple platforms.

Consolidated ratings view